Every single person who chooses to disrobe at a sporting event in front of thousands of people is usually grinning from ear-to-ear, hypnotized by a state of joyfulness they've lost while suffering through the daily malaise of being fully-clothed.

"Look at me! I'm getting naked! I'm running! I'm...(oooof)!"

Granted, the 30 seconds of blissful public nudity usually end with a security guard shoulder-tackling you to the ground, an arrest, and a healthy fine, but it seems worth it. Take this brave young woman, who engaged in a shirt's-off sprint toward centerfield during the Phillies/Rockies game last night to an adoring Coors Field crowd.


The bra stayed on, unfortunately, but still — look at that smile. Some people search their whole lives chasing that feeling.

Female Streaker! [Bugs And Cranks]