ESPN scoured its message boards this morning to find its cleverest, boldest, most enlightening comment, and chose this one above all others ...

• "Pau still got 18 with all the Nuggets 'adjustments.' Kobe just went nuclear." — 24bauer1

Previous ESPN Featured Comment of the Day, plus a Featured Deadspin Response or two ...

• "This CP3 guy is on pace for the greatest playoffs debut of any player in history." — hungnguyenesq


• This Christopher Cross guy is on pace for the greatest Grammy debut of any musician in history. -sailingtakemeaway — UkraineNotWeak

• This Hungngyunenesq guy is on pace for the worst featured comment debut in history. — ChitownChick

• I'm not insecure; I just wanted to choose a screen name that informs everyone that I have a big penis and am a lawyer. — hungnguyenesq — The Big Hern