The gang over at Yardbarker have signed up a bunch of professional athletes to blog for them. (You're welcome for the news flash.) Some are entertaining, some not so much. But we wholeheartedly and full-throatedly endorse Joey Chestnut's new blog.

Actually, he shares the blog with fellow competitive eater Pat Bertoletti, and in the above video, he shows off his training regimen. Yes: He fires himself for eating asparagus by listening to Rob Zombie. Who wouldn't?

Generally speaking, we find "insider" stories of how athletes train rather dull; hey, look, he's lifting weights. Ooooh. But a look inside how competitive eaters train? Now that, that we've got some questions about. Though we're not sure we want the answers.

Three Pounds Of Asparagus In Under Three Minutes [Yardbarker]