Howard Stern fans will know Kenneth Keith Kallenbach for his lifelong membership as one of the "Wack Pack" and his odd, disturbing, unfunny bits as the stoner kid with the big dreams that would never amount to anything. A Philadelphia area native and Phillies fan, Kallenbach was one of those "comedians" you laughed at — not with — and it was always tough to tell if he realized that or not. Maybe that was part of his genius? Or maybe he was just that innocent.

Kallenbach died today in a Chester County hospital after complications from pneumonia. He became sick while in prison, serving out part of a sentence for either a DUI or attempting to lure an underage girl into his car. So, he had his problems.


Say a little prayer for the troubled idiots of the world tonight, as they've lost one of their most esteemed members. But they can take solace that Kenneth Keith and Hank The Angry Dwarf will look over them forever.

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