ā€¢ Her.
ā€¢ 3:00 ā€” Golf: Wachovia Championship, Third Round. No Tiger, but a talented leaderboard nonetheless. [CBS]
ā€¢ 3:00 ā€” Horses: Kentucky Derby. Post time is 6:00 pm. [NBC]
ā€¢ 3:00 ā€” Horses: Live at the Derby. Every time I turn it on the dog starts barking. It's either the horses or Kenny Mayne's enthusiasm that's setting him off. [ESPN]
ā€¢ 3:30 ā€” Baseball: Regional Coverage (Baltimore at Anaheim, New York Mets at Arizona, or Chicago Cubs at St. Louis). [FOX]
ā€¢ 3:30 ā€” Movie: Varsity Blues, now with more commercials than ever! [TNT]
ā€¢ 3:00 ā€” Boxing: From 1991, George Foreman vs. Evander Holyfield. Because all the good sports already happened. [ESPN2]
ā€¢ 6:00 ā€” Movie: Through the Fire, a worthwhile documentary chronicling Sebastian Telfair's assent to the pros. [ESPN Classic]