That may not actually be true, but the Wizards players swore they'd never go to Love, the club that played Jay-Z's diss track against DeShawn Stevenson, ever again. And for one night at least, that held true. Stet Sports Blog has the video of Caron Butler and DeShawn Stevenson partying it up at Ibiza, another Northeast D.C. (note to out-of-towners: third safest quadrant!) club with a DJ who doesn't know DeShawn's name. Caron doing the "I can't feel my face" move is quite nice, though.

The party was hosted by radio station WKYS, which has the confusing slogan "interactive hip-hop and R&B". Really? So I can make block-rocking beats of my own and you'll play that shit? No? What? Yo, yo, son, SON, just take a listen to my mixtape. It's ill. I swear.

I'll take some of what DeShawn is sipping on also.