What you missed while being COVERED IN BEES!...

  • NBA: Some 4th quarter by the Pistons, who see a 70-60 lead evaporate in 89-81 Celtics ticket-stamping to the NBA Finals. Boston advances to face the Lakers, with whom they have absolutely no history. [/Braces for 300,000-word Bill Simmons post, when that chapter from "Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs" will do just nicely]
  • MLB: Okay, so you can believe the hype about Jay Bruce. The rookie goes 4-for-5 in a 3-2 Reds win over the Braves. The hype about the Indiana Jones movie is still lies, lies, lies.
  • Guerdon? I nearly merkin! Sameer Mishra [writes out post on hand with finger] is [writes more on hand with finger] S-M-R-T, proves so by taking the top spot at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, wins 15 awkwards minutes alone with Erin Andrews.