CBS, the network that brought us such daring programs as Touched By an Angel and Joan of Arcadia ("We interrupt this broadcast of Joan of Arcadia and apologize to the sanctimonious, fear-based and probably overweight audience"), will be beaming Kimbo Slice into the homes of terrified millions, as mixed martial arts gets its platform on the big network stage.

Like many who will be tuning in, I'm a MMA neophyte and haven't seen any of the headlining Kimbo Slice beyond the well-circulated YouTube videos. Michael David Smith at Fanhouse put together a handy guide to MMA for the mainstream media, but you don't have to be a clueless newspaper writer to appreciate it (you can be a clueless former newspaper writer, like me).


(Looks like we're back for good - Nibbles done went all squirrelly on us this afternoon).