Yesterday during the NCAA Super Regional, UC Irvine got out of a base loaded jam in the 7th inning against LSU by pulling the Hidden Ball Trick, which is best known to people of my generation from the movie Rookie of the Year, which also taught us that pitchers got big butts. Except UC Irvine didn't really pull it off, because the runner was clearly safe.

Fark calls it one of the worst calls ever in college baseball and though I'm not qualified to make that determination, that seems a bit much. It's a bad one, all right, but worst ever? Sounds iffy.


LSU coach Paul Manieri doesn't think the umpire was watching the action, and though LSU ended up losing by six runs, it shouldn't be said the play didn't affect the outcome, especially considering the bases were loaded with a .300 hitter at the plate (at that point, LSU was down four).