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NFL Reinstates Gregg Williams, And He's Already Been Hired By The Titans

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Sean Payton's suspension was lifted a couple of weeks ago, and Payton wasted little time reminding the Saints he was back in charge. And now that Gregg Williams has also been freed, we've come to learn his bounty exile didn't just include a backpacking adventure through the remote regions of Burma and Laos: At some point during his own "Kill the Head" leave, Williams negotiated a deal to become the Titans' senior assistant/defense, a gig that reunites him with Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray and returns him to the franchise that employed him for the first 11 seasons of his NFL coaching career:

"Commissioner Roger Goodell today notified Gregg Williams and the Tennessee Titans that Williams' contract with the Titans has been approved and that he has been reinstated. The commissioner cited several reasons for the reinstatement, including Williams' forthcoming acknowledgement of and acceptance of responsibility for his role in the bounty program at the Saints, his commitment to never again be involved in a pay-for-performance or bounty system, and his pledge to teach safe play and respect for the rules at all levels of the game. The commissioner emphasized that Williams must fully conform to league rules and will be subject to periodic monitoring to confirm his compliance."


Serious question: Does this mean the Beep Beep Awards will be moving to Nashville, too?

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