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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

A Joe Simpson was arrested earlier this week for DUI. A Joe Simpson is the color analyst for Atlanta Braves games on SportSouth. These are different people, albeit both celebrities in some way. It seems an individual on Twitter mixed the two up, taking the Hollywood Joe Simpson's offense and attaching it to the baseball Joe Simpson's name.

This made baseball Joe Simpson very angry.

He launched into a seething rant during the third inning of tonight's Mets-Braves game from Citi Field, appearing to issue a challenge to meet the "idiot tweeter" at the next Braves home game where "some tickets will be punched." Well, then! Lesson to social media users: don't fuck with Joe Simpson (the baseball one).


h/t to @TheDoucheHarper

Update (9:30 p.m.): As our friend Adrian notes below, it appears this is the tweet that got Joe so riled up:

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