CSKA Moscow, Andrei Kirilenko's new professional team in Russia, had its Media Day recently. Naturally, this involved the players breaking into three groups and dancing to Muzak and outdated pop songs on a stage in a giant banquet hall somewhere in Moscow.

Joining Kirilenko in this round were Nenad Krstić (most recently a Boston Celtic), Viktor Khryapa (most recently a Chicago Bull), Aleksey Shved (most recently a 22-year-old from Belgorod), and Jamont Gordon (formerly of Mississippi State). We're rather impressed, more than the others, by Kirilenko's hip mobility. He really brings a life to the Macarena—one we haven't seen since middle school dances, when everyone did this earnestly and (mostly) soberly.

Meanwhile, everyone involved in professional basketball in the states is waiting on news out of Midtown, where a federal mediator is doing his best to make grown men agree on how much money each will make next year. They've been meeting for over nine hours. May they emerge doing the Macarena.

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