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Here's Video Of A Ref Getting Gang-Jumped During A Florida Youth Football Game

What you're about to see is what happened when things got out of hand when the Sarasota Gators faced the North Port Huskies at Riverview High School. It wasn't so much the Huskies, though. It was pretty much all Gators.

The video shows that aggressors in the fight were mainly coaches and players from the Sarasota Gators football team.

The coach of the other team on the field Saturday, Mike Cody of the North Port Husky's, on Thursday called it a "very disgraceful display of coaching and mentoring to young men and women," the worst he has seen in 24 years of coaching.

Several Husky's coaches can be seen trying to break up the fight in the video. Cody can also be seen in the video, calling 911 on his cell phone.

All I know is this: That bolt of jersey-and-bluepants jeans lighting that lights up the frame at 30 seconds might've broken the law, but his was textbook form tackling. Clearly, he's well-coached.

UPDATE: Sheriff wrapping up football brawl investigation [Herald-Tribune] (H/T Josh)

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