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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Introducing The Media Approval Ratings

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One of our favorite features has run is the NFL Coach Approval Ratings. We liked watching the fluctuation, seeing a coach go from 81 percent to 20 percent with one loss. But mostly, we liked the collective wisdom of Crowd. We trust Crowd's judgment. Therefore, we've decided to start a new feature inspired by the Coach Approval Ratings: We're asking for a referendum on various members of the sports media.


This is going to run daily, until you decide you don't like it anymore, and then we'll scrap it and pretend it never happened. We are not going to give any of our own thoughts: We want you to go into the polling place with no outside influence. It's nice and simple: Do you approve of the job a particular media member does, or not?

We kick off the series with FOX's Troy Aikman, the lead analyst for the NFL. Vote freely, to your heart's content.

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