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Year In Review: March

We're reviewing each month of the past year leading up to New Years Day. We call it, imaginatively, "Year In Review." We're digging through our archives pretty well, but if you think we should definitely feature something for the last year that we might overlook, email us at with suggestions. And enjoy the trip down the lane of diminishing memory!


March 2. Utah Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko's wife mentions to a Utah paper that she's OK with her husband having one "freebie" a year on the road. Please, no "Big Love" jokes, we beg of you.


March 6. In a freezing Herald Square, John Rocker strikes us out.


March 7. The book Game Of Shadows is excerpted in Sports Illustrated. As a result, Barry Bonds is thrown in jail and the book's authors are given huge new contracts. Or, well, maybe the opposite of that.


March 16. The NCAA tournament begins, and we got awfully excited about it.

March 23. Sports Illustrated discovers the "blog."


March 24. JJ Redick and Adam Morrison let the world know it's OK to cry.


March 25. George Mason makes the Final Four, and makes the planet a better place.

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