The toolsheds pictured here are members of a "band" called Something To Ponder, and they, uh, do some sort of funk rap folk music, the type of thing that we listen to and ponder, oh, the end of civilization. But that could just be us.

Anyway, they've put together a song called "F U Stuart Scott," about everyone's favorite "Hey, fans, don't boo!" anchor Stuart Scott.

It's what the kids call a "diss" song, though it makes us wonder if these kids could maybe use some milk and a nap. Honestly, if your song ripping on Stuart Scott causes us to say, "Jeez, Stuart Scott should be above this," it might be time to pick up those GRE study guides again. Just a thought.

By the way, if you ask us, Scott's worst crime is ruining the enjoyment we once got every time we flipped over the pillow and realize it was, in fact, cool. This small life pleasure has been irreversibly spoiled by Stuart.


The song, if you dare, is below. We did what we could to warn.

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