In sports everyone's a winner—some just win better than others, like Katie Lacey and David Berson, who strolled all alone through a fallout zone and emerged with their souls untouched. Translation: the two ESPN horndog lovers were married last weekend.


To recap, Berson and Lacey were involved in a well-known affair (in Bristol, at least) and were rudely called out for their relationship on this site during what some ESPN staff people refer to as "the day Deadspin went Nagasaki on us," and neither horndog's contract was renewed. It was never stated publicly that the reason for their non-renewal was directly related to their formerly illicit love affair, but the timing of their departure was certainly telling. And, oddly enough, the NYT's wedding announcement alluded to the whole messy situation:

Ms. Lacey, 44, and Mr. Berson, 38, left ESPN last December as their contracts were nearing completion and their relationship became publicized. She worked in New York as the senior vice president for marketing, and he worked at the company's headquarters in Bristol, Conn., as the executive vice president for program planning and strategy. The bridegroom's first marriage ended in divorce.

But the pain and hardship caused by those events could not derail their fateful union. Now, they're forever intertwined and coming out from the shadows to live in peace. Let's hope ESPN's other illicit inter-office romances have the same happy ending as Lacey and Berson's (and as Leah Buhl and Chris LaPlaca's!). Your move, Jed Drake and Jay Rothman.


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