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Does this look like the face of someone who would berate and threaten his players? Or worse, a parking enforcer who was only doing his job when he gave the Kansas football coach two dozen parking tickets? You'd be surprised.

Mark Mangino seems very jolly, but according to KU's parking and transit authority, he used to have anger issues. And parking issues. In his first few years as the Jayhawks coach—before he was a national coach of the year with the pull to get his own private parking space—Mangino had a habit of parking in school loading zones (I know, I know) and then either not paying or getting the tickets voided. In 2007, he was issued eight tickets in a span of six months and when he received his last one, he blew up at the student who issued them.

In his written report, Walters said that Mangino had told him that he'd been unloading notebooks and had asked how he could unload without getting a ticket. [Ed note: Yes, yes. "Unload."] Walters responded that he should get a loading permit from one of the parking booths on campus or to contact the office.

"He got out of the car, slammed the door and came within about a half-foot of my face and started yelling at me, saying that I couldn't answer any of his questions and that he works 16-hour days and has no time to get a pass," Walters wrote, in his report ....

"This job gives you power, does it?" Mangino said, according to Walters. "You feel real f—-ing powerful walking around like a big shot, huh? … Why in the hell else would you be bothering me with this?"

No, Walters said, the office had told him to issue tickets for cars parked in the loading zone.

"So offices tell you what to do?" Mangino said, according to Walters. "F—-ing offices walk around telling you what to do all day?"

Mangino eventually got back into his car, Walters said, before continuing: "You just don't like talking to me because I'm ethnic, just because I talk with my hands."


This is just shocking. Mark Mangino is "ethinic"?

Also, this whole saga of Mangino's investigation is apparently happening because senior linebacker Arist Wright complained that Mangino—a noted disciplinarian and occasional hothead—"poked him in the chest." Seriously? He could lose his job for poking someone in the chest? Isn't that why football players wear pads? Even the freakin' baby thinks that's weak.

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