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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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With Steve Silverman's love note to Tony Romo on MSNBC this morning, let the worship of the Dallas quarterback officially begin. Not that it started with Silverman by any means — Madden has been giving Romo verbal backrubs for more than a month now. But we're just wondering if America is ready for this; especially with Michael Irvin out there somewhere, ready to speak again. From Silverman's column:

There's a certain swagger that Tony Romo brings with him every place he goes. He has been linked to Jessica Simpson. He is often the lead story on national sportscasts and the print media can't seem to get enough. He clearly has the "it" factor ... It is much the same as it was five years ago when a young and unheralded quarterback named Tom Brady took over for an injured Bledsoe in New England.


Silverman added: "It's not just Romo's swagger either; it's his penis. Romo is allegedly hung like Barbaro, in such a cartoonish fashion that he actually has been known to tuck his penis into his left knee pad. It has led to a change in coach Bill Parcells' blocking scheme, forcing the Tuna to add an extra blocker on Romo's blind side."

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