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It's a beautiful morning here at Deadspin world headquarters. The new Dylan album is twangling from our stereo, the trailer for Little Children is out and, yep .... Jeff George is back in the NFL!

Yes, the mulleted one has returned — as you always knew he would — and is set to be the fourth-string quarterback for the Raiders this season. However, the ad did say that there was "room for advancement." When you consider that the three men above him are Aaron Brooks, Andrew Walter and Marques Tuiasosopo ... well, you know never know.

Never mind that the last time George, 38, threw a pass was five years ago. Never mind that when he was signed, he was coaching his son's fourth-grade flag football team (where he has installed the run-n-shoot). This is the quarterback who was cut by the Redskins after two games in 2001. (He was briefly with the Bears a couple of years ago, but didn't make it in a game.) Jeff George! We're psyched. And before you blame us for being Illinois homers, we don't really consider George an Illini quarterback the way we do Jack Trudeau, Tony Eason and Kurt Kittner: George was a mercenary transfer.

Jeff George throwing touchdowns to Randy Moss. Jeez, what more do people WANT from football?

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(UPDATE: By the way, Jason Whitlock is obviously very happy.