We're not sure at which sports the Son of God excelled (the Bible is curiously silent on the issue), but we just bet He would have been a ferocious wrestler. Heights Baptist Church in Beech Island, S.C., apparently agrees, which is why they started a "Wrestling For Jesus" ministry three years ago. According to their web site: "WFJ uses a wrestling formatted show to illustrtate various biblical principals all supported by the word of God." Said wrestler Timothy Blackmon:

"We don't want you to leave here and say you saw a great wrestling show, we want you to say you met a great and awesome God at a wrestling show."

We're a little unclear on some Bible passages, by the way; such as the one in which the guy in the black t-shirt and sunglasses pummels the Prince of Peace, while the guy with the goatee looks on. In which book of scripture is that again? Well, Revelation, maybe.

We also wonder what Raiders' offensive tackle Robert Gallery has to say about all of this.

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