It's been no secret that Washington Post columnist/ poker rim-shot clown Norman Chad and Tony Kornheiser have a strained relationship. Apparently, this stems back to the WaPo days of yore when a young Chad was mentored by a less bald Kornheiser who took him under his combover'd-wing. Through that relationship, careers were launched, more media exposure was attained, and yet somewhere along the lines these two had become estranged. Chad says it happened over an aborted PTI appearance and has never recovered.

After an interview with the On The DL's podcast show yesterday, it appears that the comforting student-teacher friendship these two once had is gone forever:

With Tony [Kornheiser] it's been more problematic and it goes beyond that, but as I like to tell people about Tony, who I've known forever and haven't now for, actually, several months – if not more than a year – to paraphrase Tony Soprano in The Sopranos, about his mother, ‘Tony is dead to me.'

Looks like somebody has to call a sit-down between these two.

Thoughts on Kornheiser [On The DL]