Do you still long for the competitive nature of drinking games, but no longer enjoy slamming plastic cups full of warm, shitty beer or have been forced to remove your ping pong table from the dining room by your shrewish wife? Well, the gaming universe has finally answered your prayers: Beer Pong for Wii.

Featuring two distinct competitive games, Frat Party Games™ – Beer Pong will offer a traditional tournament-style game of Beer Pong for one to four players and Speed Pong, during which two to three players compete at the same time, each trying to be the first to eliminate all of his or her cups.

So, it's just like Beer Pong...without the beer. There's no word on whether or not they have a "Bitches Blow" feature on this game either.

Hopefully, the success of this game will prompt some more game developers to develop Wii versions of "Asshole" and "Fuck Your Neighbor."

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