We've been taking too many vacations lately, so now that we're back from our long weekend in Paris, we're gonna get back to work and start hammering shit out. We won't bore you with details or endless photos from the trip. We ate a lot, we drank a lot, we saw some dead bodies.

We're not much for sports memorabilia, but we do feel like when we're in a foreign country we should buy something soccer related, just so we can impress Hirshey and make people think we're, like, worldly. The problem, though, is the same one we have with NASCAR merchandise; who wants to buy an team jersey with the name of a big impersonal corporation on the front? Yes, yes, we know: Every team is its own corporation. But it doesn't feel as much as one. It means something to have "CUBS" on the front of your shirt. What does it mean to have "NOVATEL?"

So, we didn't buy any soccer garb; we didn't even buy a beret. We did, however, very much enjoy MLB.tv still working in Paris. Cards went 4-1 while we were gone. We'll take it. And we're glad to be back.