We don't know about you, but we've grown tired of your traditional baseball cards, with their stats and biographical details and pithy anecdotes. We would like our baseball cards to include actual human hair, so that we might clone our favorite players and raise them as pets. Is there any way that could be possible? Yes!

Yep, you can have Babe Ruth's hair. Thanks, Upper Deck!

Upper Deck Hair Cut Signatures cards will include a strand of hair along with a cut autograph for some of the biggest names in American history — baseball players like Babe Ruth, presidents like Abe Lincoln and other key individuals.

I'm not sure if I like this trend out of either company, but there's no doubting that these cards are going to be very, very valuable because of their scarcity, novelty and, at the same time, their significance.

We don't understand how they got the hair, and we don't want to know. (Or, for that matter, what part of the body it's from.) We're not sure this is a natural evolution for collectors, or the end of them.

Upper Deck To Release Cards Containing Hair [Sports By Brooks]