Everybody's favorite crackpot country crooner, Mindy McCready is being questioned by the FBI about her relationship with Roger Clemens. The Feds are hoping she'll disclose some sort of lucid information that will prove Clemens perjured himself about his steroid usage and they can put him in jail.

The Daily News has been dutifully trotting out Clemens' lifestyle contradictions for the past month, revealing to the world that not only has Clemens apparently been unfaithful, but that he also has a taste for the shit-kicker cougar-type.


The Feds have already talked to a raft of people willing to yammer about Clemens' alleged steroid abuse including "several women "involved with Clemens, Kelly Blair, Houston-area gym owner, Shaun Kelley, the owner of a Houston weight-loss center and.... Jose Canseco, Atlantic City pugilist.

Still, after all of this overload, it's still rather mind-blowing that there's a good chance that both the greatest pitcher in our lifetime and the greatest hitter in our lifetime could very well be in prison within the next couple years. Ask Marion Jones how serious the Feds are about this perjury thing.

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