I'm told that this is newsworthy but I'm in a little over my head here. Anybody out there speak cricket? Supposedly some team of 11-year-olds in Britain got thrashed so completely that all of Europe is talking about it, but I have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. Was it worse than this? Help!

Poor kids; why must we mock them so? Because that's what we do.

A junior cricket team took up an embarrassing place in history when they were all out for four runs. Chippenham under-11s were chasing a total of 129 set by their opponents, Marshfield, but had nine ducks, six batsmen bowled out, two run-outs, one catch and a stumping during their 20-minute innings.

Sounds like they could be describing the NBA Finals so far.

And now my list of cricket terms which sound like sexual positions but aren't:

Sticky Dog

Duckworth-Lewis Method

Daisy Cutter

Getting Your Eye In

Corridor Of Uncertainty

Donkey Drop

Dibbly Dobbly

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