Yesterday was a terrible day to expect anyone over at Gawker HQ to answer our emails; the iPhone 3G coverage on Gizmodo alone kept the world of non-gadget coverage somewhere buried in the netherworld. So hey, why shouldn't we get in on the fun?

Specifically, Major League Baseball — which is down with the series of tubes — is getting into this iPhone business with an instant highlights function on the phone.


It seems like something you might be interested in, if you can get past the press release / tortured Mark Newman prose.

"It's a good example of the popularity of baseball," Adam Ritter, MLBAM's vice president of wireless, said from the event. "MLB At Bat will constantly update all the data of each game. You not only get to see all the data, but a couple of minutes after that, you get to see the play that put your team ahead or that great defensive play.

The "release" doesn't mention this, but if you want the highlight function — or the "ongoing synergy between MLBAM and Apple" — it'll cost $4.99 for the rest of the season, according to Matthew Gould at Which doesn't seem inherently unreasonable, as long as that phone's as fast as it's supposed to be. It doesn't sound that much different than what already does with its MLB Gameday function, except it'll cost you more to take it with you. Sure beats actually sitting through that dumb wedding.

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