ESPN scoured its message boards this morning to find its cleverest, boldest, most enlightening comment, and chose this one above all others ...

• "Sasha Vujacic scoring 20 points in 28 minutes is crazy!" — Acam23

Previous ESPN Featured Comment of the Day, plus a Featured Deadspin Response or two ...

• "Being a Gator fan I don't agree with you lot. But I agree about the 5th year of eligibility." — MCUFGators1

(Re: Beano Cook football eligibility story).

• Being a burnout, I don't go to class a lot. But I believe in the 9th year of college. (ClueHeywood)


• Being a Gator fan, and a 28 year old male who happens to state that 'Mariah Carey is my favorite singer,' I have absolutely zero credibility.- MCUFGators1 (ASox)

• Being a Gator fan, I wear jorts.-Whitelegs6969 (Chief Illiniwek)