Freddie Mitchell, former Eagles' wide receiver, substitute teacher to the world, is still not yet back in the NFL. Although, it's not for lack of trying, as Fred Ex did have a tryout for the Baltimore Ravens last month. But ballplaya' or not, Freddie Mitchell still knows how to work it. The 700 Level shares this second-hand tale of Mitchell's lady-killing prowess.

She tells us that FredEx was chatting it up with one of her ladies and invited all 17 of them up to his suite for champagne and room service. They ate, drank, and hung out for 3-4 hours and had nothing but positive things to say about The People's Champ

It's obvious that there's still a little left of that $9m contract Mitchell signed with the Eagles — and that he's still trying to make good use of those God-given hands.

Freddie Mitchell: The Ladies' Champ [The 700 Level]