Come on. It's the NBA Finals. Only two teams should be relevant at this point. And since you can't walk three steps without sniffing the history of the Lakers-Celtics rivalry, you'd hope that someone would talk a little jive toward the other. It probably wouldn't be sportsmanlike, but it's definitely something we all want to hear. Paul Pierce will probably defer the trash talking, since it's what Jesus would do, but he's got no problem sending it the way of players whose seasons are long done.

Yesterday Pierce was asked what the difference was between Carmelo Anthony and himself. His answer: "I've never gotten a DUI."


Hilarious! Good. Now use that sass and aim it toward the Lakers. They're on the ropes. You're one game away from a championship. Go for the kill! Because shots at Carmelo, at this point in history, are like easier than the ones defended by Sasha Vujacic. See? That's how easy it is. Feel free to use that one before tonight's game.

Pierce-ing Words For Melo [Edmonton Sun]