Wait, people still pay attention to Doug Christie? Really? The man still has some sort of forum, and humans react to his words? Crazy.

Anyway, in his new "weekly sports blog" — we are not sure if something comes out weekly, it can be called a "blog" — Christie claims to be shocked, SHOCKED! that something as pure as the NBA could be shady.

Well, now we know why (if these allegations are true). It’s hard enough that you are facing the defending champs, hall of fame players and coaches, but you are also playing 5 on 8 (come on!). This is really disheartening. You work hard, play hard and it’s all bull. But, it’s what you see and the consumer believes it. Whoever “they” say are the “champs” are the “champs” (deserving or not). “They” are controlling the whole thing. What really makes me mad in the turn of events since then is the fact that these events have turned into what I consider a black balling of myself in the NBA!!

Christie then goes on to ramble about how no one in the NBA will hire him because of his wife. Whether that's true or not, uh, just the fact that the question is being asked would seem to be a problem, yes?

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