We find it fitting, after at least nine months of fervid speculation, Willie Randolph was fired as manager of the Mets at 3:30 a.m. ET. That's too late for the tabloids to slap it on the front page, which is just a tragedy in New York City; tabloids are the reason we have managerial deathwatches.

Alas, Randolph's firing was announced from the West Coast, after a 9-6 win over the Angels, which means everybody got their News Alerts about it this morning and now have something to talk about other than working for a few hours. (Which is, of course, the point.)


Jerry Manuel, who was the nice guy manager for the White Sox before Ozzie Guillen came in and started knocking shit around, is taking over on an interim basis, but it's suspected that Ken Oberkfell, the former Cardinals/Braves third baseman who was hired to the staff, will ultimately take over.

As for Willie? Well, we're sure there's a spot on Joe Torre's staff.

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