Well, we suppose this was inevitable. Now that the Nets have lost Jason Kidd and look like they're not going to be particularly compelling until they get to Brooklyn — just a mile or so from our apartment! — they've breaking out the big promotional guns: cheap gas!

We didn't quite understand where the $17,500 figure came from, and we didn't know whom to ask. Wait! We can chat live with a Nets representative RIGHT NOW! So we did. Our exchange:


Will Leitch: Hi. I'm curious where the $17,500 figure comes from.
netsbasketball1: Welcome to the NetsChat Online. Is there anything specific that we can help you with today?
netsbasketball1: I would be happy to help you. Feel free to provide me with your phone number and I will contact you in the next few moments to discuss further.
Will Leitch: Well, we're chatting right now. Can you explain it now?
netsbasketball1: It's a lot of detail but basically you will recieve 10% in gas of the total number you purchase.
Will Leitch: So how many season tickets do I need to buy to hit $17,500?
I'm just trying to figure out the math.
netsbasketball1: You will have to invest approximately $163,000
Will Leitch: OK. So at the $40 per seat price you have on your page, I'd need to buy 4,075 season tickets. That seems like a lot.
That said, if you can promise the Nets will be good ...
netsbasketball1: Well to recieve $17,500 in gas will be a protential purchase of Hollywood seats not necessarily have to be a outrageous number of season tickets. Are you familiar with our Hollywood seats?
Will Leitch: I am not. They're actually called Hollywood seats?
netsbasketball1: If we can talk via phone will be a little better but our Hollywood seats are our floor seats that are located next to both team benches. Do you have an interest in floor seats?
Will Leitch: You know, thanks for everything, but I just wanted to know about the free gas. I don't even like basketball. Have a good day.

So, that clears it up. Thanks, disembodied Nets chat voice!

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