The Russians have played the Dutch even on both sides of the pitch through one half of play in Basel. While the score remains scoreless, there's been no shortage of excitement in front of both goals. After the jump enjoy more white chicks flashing signs, and eventually some actual commentary on the second half.

Image via Euro2008Girls.

• As expected Robie van Persie has been called up from the bench to begin the second half. The Dutch attack has been prolific in the first few minutes, but even another perfect set piece to Ruud couldn't get them on the board.

• Boulahrouz just picked up the game's first booking with a yellow card. He's been a bit chippy since being taken down early in the match.

• Boulahrouz, who is of course playing through personal tragedy, has been removed from the game in favor of Heitinga.


• Just moments later van Persie picks up a yellow of his own for a high elbow to a defender. Arshavin produced another beautiful free kick but it was inches wide.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL, RUSKIES! Pavlyuchenko delivers once again for the Russians off of an easy cross. The Dutch defense has been caught flat footed and now they'll need some goals to result from their slick play.

• Now van der Vaart has joined the yellow club party, and Tommy Smyth is starting to frighten me.


• There are 30 minutes to play, but the commentators don't seem to be giving the Dutch much of a chance, which is pretty absurd.

• The Dutch have made another change with Afellay coming on for Engelaar.The young Berber should add some versatility to the Dutch attack.

• The two sides just exchanged fruitless corners.

• Ruud looks like he got away with an inadvertent hand ball, but play continues. The Dutch attackers are getting the ball with their backs to the goal, and they've been unable to turn and shoot. Another foul on the oranje ends the attack for now, and it looks as if Afellay is bleeding.


• Russia had another good look at goal, but De Jong intervened . The Golden Guus has gone to the bench, something the Dutch probably wish they could do.

• Ruud comes through with his patented "fall down near the area" maneuver to give the Dutch another chance to even things.

• And van Persie blows it. Just under 20 minutes left to play.

• Sneijder really needs to stop touching the ball, it just isn't working for him.


• If UEFA were run by David Stern the ref would be awarding a penalty kick any minute now.

• I would sooner put my nuts in a vice than watch the Jonas Brothers movie.

• It comes as little surprise that Smyth knows way too much about those guys.

• The Dutch are still losing, and Torbinski has come on for Guus's side.

• Sneijder rattled the advertisement behind the goal, not even close.

• The Russians are countering again, and they played around a bit too much in the box.


• The Dutch have earned another corner, eventually resulting in a wide attempt from Sneijder. Maybe it's time to give somebody else a shot at it. Meanwhile, Sneijder's lining up another set piece.

• GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! NETHERLANDS! Sneijder finally put a ball where it belongs and Ruud van Nistelroy headed it into the back of the netting. We're all tied at one, with four minutes remaining.

• Wow, Russia almost took the lead right back, but the dangerous cross was cleared.


• Ruud showed tremendous concentration on that goal, delivering the header while managing to keep his balance. We've got just two minutes of injury time to play before heading into the extra frames.

Kolodin is off! The Russian has just picked up his second yellow of the match.

• Well apparently not, the ref has changed his mind, and the replay vindicates him. I'm just not sure why he pulled it to begin with.


• We've got another 30 minutes of extra time coming up in a few moments, and I'll be back with a fresh post.