Rugby or porn? Previously, New Zealand TV viewers had to choose. But on Sunday someone apparently decided, why can't we have both? So for nearly four glorious minutes, a "Grass Roots Rugby" match on Sky TV — which I suppose is cable over there — was suddenly replaced with hardcore porn. Key sentence from the story: "An Auckland woman watched in disbelief as the rugby turned to Desperate Black Wives 2. She said it left little to the imagination."

Parents were outraged at the programming blunder, one father told 3 News his 8-year-old son's innocence had been ruined. Within minutes of the images going on air, 3 News was flooded with calls from distressed viewers. A Whangarei 12-year-old was horrified, running around with her hands over her eyes saying "eww" and "gross".

But really, it couldn't have been much worse than International Sevens.

Hardcore Porn Accidentally Broadcast On Prime TV []