Fun week. Enjoy the weekend. For you East Coasters, it's much too hot to go outside. Instead, grab yourself an icy cold Fribble and spend it inside with Matt Sussman as he deftly handles the Deadspin weekend duties. Hopefully, he'll be able to update us on the status of Mike Lupica. He might still be in the tunnel for all we know.

Here's some more stuff:

• Sussman just absolutely destroyed this week

• Rick invades Tahoe

• Mike Ditka can't seem to stay upright

• Tony Kornheiser embroiled in crab quarrel

• Stu Scott is still rightfully bitter

• Drew Magary offers handy tips for henpecked football fans

Mannings being Mannings

• Rick gives Reilly the business

Gracias para tu continued supporto de Deadspin.

See you lunes!