It's a good thing Ohio State fans are so worldly and forgiving. Because otherwise Carson could be in some hot water. Evidently Palmer, a noted USC and Pac-10 homer, went on Los Angeles sports talk radio and brought the thunder.

Maybe he was misquoted.

"I cannot stand the Buckeyes."

Okay, not a lot of parsing to be had there. Per AOL Fanhouse, there's more:

"It's amazing to hear what those guys think about that university and what they think about that football program and Tressel and all the crap I gotta put up with being back there."


With these statements Carson Palmer has endeared himself to 49 states in the union. Unfortunately he plays in the 50th. Here's a good debate topic for you, are Ohio football fans going to be more upset about Chris Henry's multiple felony arrests or Carson Palmer ripping the Buckeyes?

Carson Palmer Hates Ohio State Fans [AOL Fanhouse]