Yesterday's British Open didn't have the storybook ending Greg Norman probably would've hoped for, but two people that were probably thrilled Norman faltered in the final round yesterday were his ex-wife and current wife Chris Evert's ex-husband. Although rumors about a passionate affair between the two geriatric athletes were rampant during the time of their divorces, both Norman and Evert adamantly denied their lustful urges played any part in the dissolution of their marriages. Until now, that is, as Evert goes on record with Vogue admitting that she and Norman were just two star-crossed geezers looking to engage in all sorts of hip-breaking activities in the bedroom.

Evert says the attraction between her and Norman was like an "irresistible force" and even though both attempted marriage counseling with their exes to try to tame the savage beast tearing through their trousers, it was unsuccessful. She also refers to Norman as "sexy" multiple times throughout the interview. Yesterday, after Norman's round ended, Evert asked The Shark if he wanted a beer, to which he responded "No. All I want is you." Then they went home and did it 86 times.


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