That's the "hunch" LA Times' columnist Sam Farmer has about how this whole Favre situation will mercifully end. (Roger Goodell is also anxious to resolve this. Sorry Packers. ) Farmer went on Dan Patrick's radio show and, although he couldn't state it as fact, said that the way things have played out and based on Jon Gruden's unabashed man-love of the gunslinger, it's a likely scenario. Either that, Farmer said, or Favre will crawl back into his Mississippi mud pit and re-retire.

The speculation about Favre heading to Tampa moved aroundplenty this week, but it has all been disregarded. (Of course) But if Farmer is to be trusted — and there's no reason not to at this point — it appears if Favre is going anywhere, it's the Bucs. For now.

Guess the conversations Favre has had with Gruden were all made on a pay phone.

Sam Farmer [Dan Patrick Show]