Yes, it's a bit premature to post this picture of last year's champagne-blasting of NBC10 reporter Jade McCarthy getting, hmm, soaked by the joyous 2007 Philles after they stole the NL East, but with last night's 8-6 victory still buzzing in my head it seemed appropriate.

Johan Santana did his Johan Santana-thing for 8 strong innings, only to be mysteriously lifted, opening the door for the Phillies to attack the Billy Wagner-less bullpen with brute force. Tough break for Mets fans (apologies and middle fingers to Jason Fry in equal measure) , but a fitting way to kick-off the illegitimate rivalry.


Tonight, Brett Myers comes back from his minor league deprogramming, apparently amped and ready to pitch like a man who's not an effective closer forced to be a mediocre starter. It's still July 23rd and even a Phillies sweep does not guarantee anything other than a temporary stay in first place, but a "cosmic gut-punch" to the Mets in the first game of this series does wonders for Philadelphia's latest inferiority complex.

Anyway, be well tonight, let the good light shine, etc.

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