At least according to the British courts. Thanks to stricter privacy laws in the UK, Mosley sued and has been awarded 60,000 pounds for having his reputation "ruined." Which, to me, seems like an amazingly small amount of money for a reputation. But what do I know? Said Justice Eady per the Guardian:

I found that there was no evidence that the gathering on March 28 2008 was intended to be an enactment of Nazi behaviour or adoption of any of its attitudes. Nor was it in fact. I see no genuine basis at all for the suggestion that the participants mocked the victims of the Holocaust," Eady said. "There was bondage, beating and domination which seem to be typical of S&M behaviour.

Whew. That was a close one. For a minute there I thought five hour sex romps with prostitutes while wearing costumes was weird. Max Mosley wins £60,000 in News of the World privacy case [Guardian] F1 Chief Wins Damages Over Orgy Photos [SportsbyBrooks]