Say it ain't so. He's going to take his Laker girl headband and cross back over the Atlantic if the Lakers don't increase their current $2.6 million dollar offer. In a bit of strained reasoning Vujacic's reps are arguing that no other NBA team is making Sasha an offer because they know the Lakers will match it.

Which is incredibly stupid because if you have the option to make opposing teams pay more money to sign their players wouldn't you do it? More likely scenerio, Sasha Vujacic just isn't that sought after. Especially not after Lakers brass have had to spend the entire off season watching Ray Allen, Ray Allen!, go one-on-one against Vujacic down the stretch and get uncontested lay-ups.


Will the last best hope of Slovenia leave our fair shores? Time will most certainly tell. Until then Vujacic will keep buying and selling Moldovan kidneys to boost his salary

Sasha Vujacic might leave Lakers to play in Europe [LA Times]