This photo appears to be a leftover from The's Matt Leinart off-season portfolio from a few months ago. Here we find Matt and his black life jacket posse looking super tough and composed right before the Jagerbombs kick in. Hopefully those two young ladies didn't have to get choked by Matt's beer bong and made it out of there safely. Once again, good week this week. Here's what you missed/saw/ignored:

The Beijing Bureau returns

Rick Reilly pretends he doesn't think he's famous

Rick Mahorn shoves ladies

Will get all Gizmodo on our asses

Caleb Campbell speaks

Minor league melee

ESPN shucks and jives about shucking and jiving

Drew prepares you for the Olympic fallout


Jack KOGOD,Unsilent Majority will be sitting inside his home and typing wildly for you this weekend. Next weekend, prepare to harass the new weekend crew.

Now go out and get drunk on those mind erasers the kids love so much.

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