Late last night Deadspin received an email with the subject " Former USC Song Girl Sarah Carmona" which, even though harmless enough, can only mean something salacious would be attached. True to form, the accompanying emailer described the pictures yanked from Ms. Carmona's Facebook page which include her "about so suck on a penis beer bong" and in numerous drunken make-out sessions with various other cheerleader-type women during a USC Song Girl Reunion weekend held at La Jolla over July 4th. The pictures were sent to us and Busted Coverage who plopped said penis bong photo(NSFW, kind of) right on its front page early this morning.

Granted, Carmona is a "former" Song Girl so she's not going to lose her pom-poms over these photos as many cheerleader/dance girl types seem to do after similarly provocative drunk photos get pushed out there. But it's an alarming trend. Asylum magazine did a bang-up photo montage of this phenomenon already.Some of the most recent, after the jump.(All links and some photos after this jump are also not safe for work or church.)


July 2008: The Winnipeg Blue Bombers ladies shame Canada: After photos of the Blue Lighting, the cheerleaders for the CFL's football team popped up on The Big Lead, the Canadian press went wild with the story, deemed it a scandal and ultimately forced Blue Lightning cheerleader coach Dena Clark to resign.


April 2008: ASU gets Dirty Army'd: Originally, the rumor was that photos of the ASU cheerleaders posing in their underwear resulted in the program getting banned by the school. The university later came out and denied it, saying that the dissolution of the program and the photos were just coincidental.

March 2008: Hoosier muscle lassie goes all out: Don Chavez (who always seems to be sifting through Photobucket accounts looking for these things) comes across some extremely graphic photos of one Hoosier cheerleader supposedly playing porn star for her boyfriend. After the photos come out, the mother quickly comes to her daughter's defense and claims somebody "stole the photos from her daughter's computer."


Feb. 2008: Kings' Dancers get torched by Fox News : Thanks to photos of various members of the Sacramento Kings dance team throwing back champagne, showing off their g-strings, and, well, pretending they have giant candy cane shlongs, Fox News picked up the story and moral outrage rippled through the Kings' camp for a few days. Naturally, Ufford gets blamed.

Of course there are plenty of others that have made the rounds, but not been given the national mainstream exposure or created national controversies like the unlucky Blue Bomber gals. It's gotten to the point where most of these cheerleaders seemingly don't even care about this stuff getting out there. Hell, sometimes it results in a movie deal. The lines between public and private photos have severely been blurred, obviously, but you have to wonder if most of the cheerleaders are just dim-witted morons who are still confused as to how to keep photos of themselves in their underwear from public viewing or this is actually the desired effect. Right now, I'm convinced it's the latter.