Looking for a husband? Why take a chance at nightclubs or concerts when you can troll the healthy, secure environment that is the infield at a NASCAR race? Take it from these two Staten Island sisters, who are not at all insane. The infield at Pocono Raceway is the only place to find a man.

The romance ratio is in favor of single women at the infield of Pocono Raceway. Most infield women are married or attending the race with a boyfriend or family. For single women such as Heather Foley, 25, and sister Caitlin Foley, 22, both of Staten Island, it is a great place to meet men. "Because there are so many of them," Heather said. Like women to a bathroom, men often travel to NASCAR races in packs.

Why, it's just like a story from one of my favorite NASCAR romance novels. Only the guy is actually more like this. Racetrack May Be Perfect Place For Romance [Pocono Record]