According to one prominent NFL reporter, the scenario of Brett Favre showing up to Packer camp (highly unlikely at the time) would be the equivalent of an "atomic bomb" going off in Green Bay. Favre's ghost and public spectacle were wearing thin on some of the Packer faithful as they attempted to transition to the Aaron Rodgers era with their memories still intact. But whenBrett and Deana showed up on the tarmac de-boarded their private jet last night, waved to the scattered onlookers holding their homemade Favre signs and waving four fingers in the air, consider Packer training camp officially Hiroshima. If this is the true ending of this saga, it's a bizarre one. The public animosity displayed between the Packers and Favre has seemingly dissipated (for now) and, instead, now both sides have reverted back into this brainwashed state of normalcy while Favre "competes" for the starting job. There are still rumblings that this is a just a standard course of action the Packers have to endure either until they can work out a deal with the Vikings or Aaron Rodgers gets run over by a milk truck. But now that Favre has done his hero's march back into Green Bay, can all of those fans who supported Favre— and who've supported the Packers organization in stonewalling Brett's comeback — be happy with a scenario that doesn't involve number 4 starting for them this year? Principles aside, Aaron Rodgers can deal with hurt feelings for another season (or two) but if the Packers organization hands Favre over to the Vikings just to save face it would be the worst decision they could make. Unless, of course, he goes over to Minnesota, gets hurt, misses time, and the Vikings miss the playoffs. That's a huge risk. For now, though, it looks like Brett has won this showdown. Now all he has to win back his job and the cheese-stuffed hearts of the Packers fans who deserted him. That should be the easiest part. Fans ignore storm to welcome Favre [Green Bay Press Gazette] After so much summer heat, a much needed thaw in Green Bay [ESPN]