Because, honestly, who among us hasn't been overwhelmed by the powers of persuasion of Al Davis? Not that Raiders fans were that optimistic about this season to begin with, but the receiver you just signed to a six year $55 million dollar deal wanting to quit doesn't instill a lot of pre-season confidence. Walker, who had a rough offseason what with the beatdown and robbery in Las Vegas, was supposedly upset with his performance in camp and offered to return his $11 million signing bonus. Al Davis persuaded him otherwise and all now claim that things are fine. But Lane Kiffin didn't get the memo. Telling ESPN:

"I worry a lot about it," Kiffin said. "For someone to discuss retirement, and then to come back and change his mind a day later. I'm worried a lot about it. I'm worried about where he's at mentally, because these things happen sometimes and they come back up again, because maybe they come back and maybe it isn't necessarily for the right reasons. So were going to continue to communicate with him and push him out there on the field and get him better."

At least Jamarcus Russell has proven himself. Al Davis talked Raiders WR Walker out of retiring