Click to view How many guesses would it take you to pin Kluwe's profession as an NFL player? A thousand? A million? Cue Twin

When most football players get recognized in public, it's usually for what they've done on the field. But Kluwe has gained fame — and a little playful ribbing from teammates — for his fast fingers as well. "It's crazy," Vikings long snapper Cullen Loeffler said. "He's an NFL punter, and he almost gets more praise and credit for being such a good Guitar Hero player. When we're going out to eat, some of the fans are coming up to him and instead of them saying to him, 'Great game, you did such a great job punting,' it's more, 'Hey, you're so unbelievable playing Guitar Hero."

Here's the real question, was he on the sex boat? Because that's where those fast fingers could have made a real difference. Punt Rocker: Vikings punter Kluwe is a Guitar Hero [] Punter kicks crap out of video game [Slanch Report]