Mike Eynon, a 6'3 305 pound senior lineman, walked into a BP just off campus and emerged with a winning ticket. As befits life as an indentured servant to the NCAA, one of his first telephone calls was to the campus compliance officer to ensure that winning the award didn't violate NCAA rules. He got the all clear and will receive about $172k after taxes. Which in Athens, Ohio will allow him to live without a job for the next ten years.

Eynon came within one number of winning $34 million. The accounting major plans to pay off college expenses and donate money to his church. It's always the rational guys who win the lottery. Imagine if this had happened to Maurice Clarett. Sure it would have been less money than he was getting paid to play at Ohio State, but it would have been legal money. No stripper or bulletproof vest salesman in Columbus would have gone home hungry.

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